Valley Highlands Wheels Rally April 9, 2016

All Beavers and Cubs are invited to Valley Highland’s Wheels Rally 2016 on Saturday, April 9, 2016


Beavers: $4.00
Cubs: $6.00

Registration/Weigh in Time

Beavers: 8:30 am
Cubs: 11:30 am

Race Times

Beavers: 9:30 am
Cubs: 12:30 pm


Canteen Available on site.  Catered by Perth Civitan members РPackage deal includes hot dog, hamburger or cheeseburger, chips and drink for around $5.00.  Coffee and snacks also available.


Cubs trophies for

  • Best Pack Average
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
  • Most Original Design
  • Best Paint
  • Most Honest Design

Building your Beaver Buggy or Kub Kar

Some tips on how to build and prepare a fiendishly fast Beaver Buggy or Kub Kar can be found at

*These are the official Valley Highlands Wheels Rally 2015 specifications.


Perth Civitan Hall

6787 County Road 43, Perth ON